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Adobe Lightroom Mobile For PC

by poupet boris

There are lots of apps in the market for Smartphone and few of them are truly extraordinary. Presently, Adobe Lightroom makes a way to Android Smartphone for free. The User Interface of this app is completely different from others.


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Different Features That Help The Photographers

Adobe Lightroom Mobile application is an amazing innovative app, which brings great many advantages for the devoted mobile photographer. The app helps to enjoy a number of facilities like editing, arranging and also synching photo with a mobile or a computer. It provides the users with a lot of useful editing features, which permit to enhance the images and photographs. The photograph can also be shared with one click of a button. It actually offers a totally non-destructive editing. The original pictures are not changed in any means, and the modifications that are applied in this Lightroom are stored along with the pictures and may be modified or deleted at any time.

Its editing tools are made on the basis of Adobe Camera Raw, which is a raw conversion tool and goes together with Adobe Photoshop. One can make a wide variety of tonal as well as color modifications, image effects such as vignetting or grain, and also localized alterations like graduated, radial filter effects or brushed adjustments. This also has a fast and effective tool for cloning or repairing.

The app is intended mainly to synchronize pictures between devices; however, there is something extra – the mobile Collections can be viewed on the internet. By clicking on the Collection tile one can observe all of the images either as a slideshow or individually. The collections can be stored as private ones if the users do not want to share it.

The app is totally free and, if the user has signed into Creative Cloud account, then it automatically matches with the Collections that are shared in desktop version. This runs in the same manner like the web gallery. By tapping on the Collection, one can view the contents and by clicking an image, you can perceive individual images.


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Adobe Lightroom Mobile Is accessible To PC Users

To get Adobe Lightroom Mobile for PC, Bluestack is to be downloaded. If it cannot run, then there is Andy Emulator also. These are the two best Android emulators for computer so far. Here are the required steps to get the app-

  • Download and complete the installation of Bluestacks on the operating system using this link.
  • Then download the Lightroom Mobile Apk for computer and keep it somewhere on the desktop.
  • Open this Adobe Lightroom Mobile for PC Apk, and then choose Bluestacks to operate it.
  • After the installation is complete, there will be a notification about it to indicate the process is done.
  • Then, open the notification so that the app can be started.

Alternatively, the application can be downloaded straight within the Bluestacks by means of the account on Google Play Stores.

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