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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 – Free Download

by poupet boris

Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 is the ninth instalment of the series. Launched in 2012, it is the direct sequel to Call of Duty Black Ops (2010) and was released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and Microsoft Windows. Like its predecessor, it is a first-person-shooter video game, developed by Treyarchand published by Activision. It is one of the best selling editions of the series and till date has sold over 24 million copies.


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Unique Aspects

Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 included some special features, which made it stand out among its predecessors, some of which includes:

  • Inclusion of futuristic weaponry and technologies.
  • Non-linear gameplay.
  • Multiple Endings (depending on in-game player actions).
  • Pre-mission Equipment Loadout.
  • Unlockable weapons/equipment.

Characters and Settings

There are two timelines when it comes to playing the single thespian campaign: –

  • 1986-1989: – The game’s predecessor’s chief protagonist returns in the form of Alex Mason, a CIA black ops operative performing missions across the globe during the final years of the Cold War and witnessing the rise of the game’s prime opponent Raul Menendez, a Nicaraguan terrorist cum drug lord.
  • Post 2025: – In this period, the player takes on the role of David Mason, a U.S. Navy S.E.A.L. codenamed “Section” and fights in the new Cold War era between U.S.A. and China which was primarily instigated by Raul Menendez, head of Cordis Die- a movement against economic inequality.

Game Plot

1985-1989: The story begins when a retired Alex Mason is recruited by his former handler Jason Hudson to rescue his former teammate Frank Woods who was M.I.A. in Angola during the height of Civil war. The mission is successful, though during extraction they come across Raul Menendez who was responsible for the capture of Woods. They begin tracking Menendez and their search end up assisting the Mujahedeen during the Soviet-Afghan conflict, before being double crossed and left to dead in the middle of the desert. At this point, it revealed the reason for Menendez’s antagonistic nature towards the U.S. which is primarily because U.S. operatives were responsible for the destruction of his family, especially his beloved sister. Menendez manages to trap Woods, Hudson, Alex and David and proceeds to execute Hudson and injure Woods as wells as Alex. He leaves Jason unhurt, promising to return when the time is right.


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2025 Onwards: China is rocked by a cyber-attack, which cripples its economy. Holding the United States as culprits, they ban the export of rare earth elements hampering U.S. military infrastructure. Section along with his teammates, perform multiple missions worldwide in search of the true culprit Raul Menendez. They are led to Chloe Lynch, an asset to Menendez and responsible for the cyber attack. Meanwhile in Yemen, U.S. forces attempt to capture Menendez and he is taken onboard the aircraft carrying “The President”, before being released by a mole present on the ship following which he proceeds to take control of the entire U.S. drone fleet to facilitate an attack on world leaders at the G20 summit in Los Angeles. Section and his team are assigned to escort the President of United States to safety amidst all of this. In the final mission, Menendez is tracked to a facility in Haiti where he is captured.

During the course of the campaign, the player is given many choices at various points as well as assigned to complete a given number of Strikeforce missions. Depending on these choices along with the success of Strikeforce missions, 4 endings are possible ranging multiple post game scenarios.

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