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Call of Duty Ghosts – Free Download

by poupet boris

Call of Duty is one such game that has been bragged by almost all gaming freaks. Call of Duty Ghosts is the tenth primary part in the COD series. Released in 2013, this edition is available on PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Wii U and Xbox 360 as well as next-gen platforms such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Developers of this first person shooter videogame include Infinity Ward along with Raven Software, Neversoftand Certain Affinity, and published by Activision. This sequel has got lot of attention due to the rich graphics and great sound effects provided in the game.


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The game proceeds in an alternate universe following the nuclear annihilation of the oil rich Middle Eastern nations, following which developing nations of South America form a coalition called “The Federation” and go on to capture Central American regions along with the Caribbean nations. This results in a power shift and growing tensions with the withered United States of America (U.S.A.).


The game’s primary protagonists are no other than the Ghosts, an elite division of United States based special operations specializing in conducting clandestine manoeuvres in the wake of enemy lines. This division is lead by Elias Walker, who is known as a retired Army Captain in U.S. and is accompanied by his descendants –David “Hesh” and Logan Walker. Other members include Keegan P. Russ, a sergeant, Captain Thomas A. Merrick along with a military trained German Shepherd “Riley”.

The game’s primary antagonist is Gabriel Rorke, a former leader of the Ghosts, who was captured during a mission extraction. Though presumed dead, he was tortured and brainwashed to work as an asset for the Federation. And, the game’s primary playable character is Logan Walker, though small portions include playing as Elias Walker and astronaut specialist Baker.

Game Plot

Events of the game begin in 2017, when Elias Walker was narrating the legend of the Ghosts to his sons. Meanwhile, operatives of the Federation manage to hijack the space station of Orbital Defence Initiative (ODIN) which was basically a super weapon based on kinetic bombardment technology. They manage to destroy multiple cities in south-western U.S. before the space station is self destructed by onboard astronauts. Elias along with his sons escapes the city safely.

The story fast-tracks to a time 10 years following previous event. The war between U.S. and the Federation has reached a stalemate. While conducting a patrol, Logan and Hesh come across Rorke as well as rest of the Ghosts team operating in the same region as theirs. After returning to their base, they are forced to fight off a counter attack from Federation forces, following which they are inducted into the Ghosts division whose leader turns out to be their father.

The Ghosts attempt and succeed in capturing Rorke, but he is freed while transporting itself. Their missions lead them to a secret factory in Rio de Janiero, where they discover that Federation operatives had managed to reverse engineer ODIN and have launched a kinetic bombardment weapon of their own, codenamed “LOKI”. Before being able to take any positive action, Elias and his sons are captured by Rorke who proceeds to execute Elias before Keegan and Merrick save Logan & his brother.


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In a final stand, all U.S. military forces launch a synchronized all-out attack against Federation forces in order to destroy their primary space station at Chile while a unit launches into space to take over Federation satellites. Once both targets have been reached, Logan and his brother pursue Rorke to avenge their father, only to fail, following which David is left wounded and Logan is captured by Rorke to be brainwashed as an asset. Excited enough to get started with this new sequel of Call of Duty with thrilling story line? If you do, be confirmed that your system supports minimum requirements need to play this game on your PC.

System Minimum Requirements

  • Intel Core Duo or similar processor
  • 4 GB of minimum RAM
  • Dedicated Graphics Card (NVIDIA or ATI)
  • Good Sound Card
  • 40 GB of free disk space

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