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Clash of Clans – Download for Mac

by poupet boris

Clash of Cans is an amazing game play with multiple wizards and Barbarians. The game play revolves around building own village and army and fight with enemies. The game can be played in multi-player mode and each player is responsible to build their own army, lead the clan and achieve victory. The enemies in this game have powerful weapons and it is necessary for player to build the army intelligently and lead them strategically to win the game. There are some in-built purchases to gain more powers and items of game and requires real money. However, it is not mandatory to purchase them and player can disable the purchase settings in devices.

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  • The interesting game play enhances interest of many users.
  • Building own village and army is full of excitement in this game.
  • There are various challenges for players in battle field.
  • There is huge variety of fighters such as barbarians, archers, wizards, dragons, hog riders, etc.
  • Multi-player mode in this game is very challenging and players can fight with other players across the globe and win trophies.
  • Epic game wars.
  • There are over 18 game levels and units.
  • New kind of powers such as traps, bombs, walls, cannons, mortars to enhance the excitement level of game and defend the village with them.
  • The game campaigns are very interesting and allows fighting with several enemies including Goblin King.
  • Multiple combinations of clans, heroes, spells and troops are available for players.

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Publishers Description

Clash of Cans is a very exciting game and a complete fighting experience. This game requires lot of leadership and strategies to manage the clan and let them win in battle field. It has lot of explosions, battles, soldiers and action for more challenging experiences. There is wide range of artificial characters which fights against the player. The game starts with explaining the situation to player and also, guides the purchases in game. The player has 500 gems and 750 coins to start the game. The multi-player mode in this game adds to the excitement of fighting experience. Attacking the clans of enemies and other villages of players is fun part of this game. The players can also chat with global cha functionality o game. It is a complete strategic action game with lot of features and amazing graphics.

Change Log

The updated version of application has new areas to be explored. It also has bonus loot in battle field. The loot carts are also introduced to recovering the lost resources in battles. Minor bugs are also fixed to improve performance.

How To Install

Clash of Clans can be played on Mac by installing it through Bluestacks. The user needs to download and install Bluestacks. Then, open search box of Bluestacks and search for game application. As the name of application appears on screen, tap on it. After completion of download process, open the application from download folder of Bluestacks. Access and enjoy the game on Mac.

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