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Current Version Plugin of Google Update

by poupet boris

Are you looking for the latest version Google Update plugin for your web browser? You must be a Firefox user who wants to update his plugins by searching on Firefox Plugin Check & Updates.

Well, that’s actualy a good habit for a web user to check updates for his installed plugins. Old plugins increase security risks and may work slow sometimes. Updated plugins helps Firefox run safely and smoothly.

Google Update is a small plugin by Google to keep all its application up-to-date, stable and secure. This plugin is not available as standalone and user can not install it manually. It comes bundled with other Google applications like Chrome, Earth etc.

You may notice a process named GoogleUpdate.exe in Task Manager. It will not cause any problem to your computer and internet browsing. If you try to remove it, it may cause some problem in Google applications but most of the times it will come again.


Want to remove it? To remove it permanently from your computer, you have to uninstall all software powered by Google and this plugin will be removed automatically.

Why Firefox shows it outdated? The main reason is that Firefox doesn’t know about this plugin and shows all unknown plugin in a seperate section on plugin update page. This plugin updates automatically, users can not update this plugin manually. If your internet is working fine, then this plugin will update itself. Users do not need to worry about this plugin.

Source – Google Update

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