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Dead Trigger 2 For PC

by poupet boris

Dead Trigger 2 is a first-person shooting game developed by MADFINGER games and unlike most other shooter games, it is a zombie shooter game. More precisely one of the best zombie shooter games at present in the android market.


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A successor to its previous version Dead Trigger, which turned out to be an immediate hit after it was made free in the android market, this new version is a highly improved version in almost every way with some minimal issues that persisted over in the previous version.

How to Play Dead Trigger 2 on PC

Dead Trigger 2 is basically a mobile platform game available in Android and iOS platforms. It is unavailable in windows based PC or any other operating systems that functions on your pc. However, emulator applications have made it much easier for us to fill in this void. This allows applications to help in the installation of packages analysed for an OS into some other contraceptive OS.

The most commonly and widely used emulator is BlueStacks, which is the most efficient and recommended Android emulator. It is a completely customizable user interface and its ability to integrate with Google Play is an icing on the cake. And what makes it all the more simple is its simplicity which allows you to use it without having much to code.


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Now here are certain steps to get Dead Trigger 2 for PC:

  1. Download BlueStacks on your PC and install it using link.
  2. Open Blue Stacks and search for ‘Dead Trigger 2’ utilizing the market application available in the BlueStacks.
  3. Download the game and install it using the above detected link.
  4. After the installation process is complete, go to the BlueStacks app list and open the installed game.

Thus, the game has been successfully installed. So, open Dead Trigger 2 and start experiencing the amazing fun of playing this amazing game.

More About Dead Trigger 2 for PC

Similar to its precursor, Dead Trigger 2 falls in the category of a shooting game filled with horror. But then unlike Dead Trigger, this new version is having better gameplay, where instead of beating around the bush with random missions, you have a career modein addition to a story mode, along with some events on the map allowing the one playing for some additional cash.

One of the biggest features is auto-firing, which comes in default within the settings, allowing your weapon to keep on firing as soon as the target is set, instead of going on aiming and shooting aimlessly. Dead Trigger 2 is still a single player game and thus the only one to give company in this game are the zombies.


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The new improvements also include new gameplay panaches, giving you the privilege to shoot a zombie from a helicopter, newer weapons including a wrench to help you, when you run out of ammo. Another hilarious but innovative design is the chicken bomb, which is basically bombs attached to live chicken who run around thus helping to blow the zombies up eventually.

Other additions would be your own medic for medicinal supplies, a gunsmith than can combine your weapons and put them together to form new cool upgraded gadgets and last but not the least a smuggler who helps you with health boosters, damage boosters, money booster, etc. in exchange of gold, which is actually a huge improvement when compared to its predecessor.

Thus, this is how the Dead Trigger 2 fares over its forerunner. And for having a better experience of it, download the app and play the game on your PC!

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