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Download Pokémon Go for PC

by poupet boris

We all loved Pikachu, in our childhood while watching Pokémon animated series on our idiot boxes. Well, if you are among us then you will love to play Pokémon Go on your handheld devices. Pokémon go is a new game, released recently by Niantic Inc. It is currently available for iOS and Android devices; however you can now play it on your desktops and laptops too.


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Pokémon Go had already gone viral and you might have already seen the word buzzing all over the social media and tech news. The most amazing thing which has made this game viral is the augmented reality, which again has made this game livelier. Well, this is not the only thing, which makes this game so viral, the original animated series, Pokémon also adds to the virality of this game.


Storyline of the game is same as that in the animated series. In the game too, you will need to roam around places to catch Pokémon’s and level up your trainer skills. However, your journey might be more adventurous as can be seen in the series. Besides just catching the Pokémon’s, you can also evolve them and make them fight with Pokémon’s of other trainers. This makes this game quite social too.

To get started with you can easily catch some Pokémon’s from surrounding, however as you level up your trainer level, you find suddenly find it hard to catch the Pokémon’s. To get over this, travel to different places than just roaming in the same locality or city.

The game consists of pokeballs, exactly what you might have seen in the series; you need to throw these balls towards Pokémon to catch it. These pokeballs are in limited quantity, and are generally gained when trainer level upgrades. Thus make sure to have plenty of pokeballs, when you start your journey. Well, in case pokeballs are exhausted, you can visit nearest pokestops, which gives pokeballs, usually three at once.

Game has been funded by Google and that might be the reason it uses real world maps of Google, however with filtered points of interest. The game also consists of Gyms, where you can fight with fellow trainers to get hold over gyms or to gain experience points. These experience points are quite important as these are responsible for trainer level upgrades.

Playing on PC:

Pokémon go is not officially available for Windows, still you can play this amazing game on your desktops and laptops using the emulator application. Here is how to do it:

  1. Download and install Nox App Player.
  2. Open emulator and search for ‘Pokémon Go’.
  3. When found install it. If the game is not available in your region, download the APK file and install using the same from below listed download button.
  4. Okay! The game has now been installed on your device.

Please note that this game uses GPS to acquire you location constantly, however you cannot carry your desktops and laptops everywhere, which might create a problem. You can use GPS faker applications to change the GPC coordinates periodically. However, make sure not to change the location frequently, as this might result in permanently ban.

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