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by poupet boris

Hooked to the blue social networking site that has been playing a spectacular role in keeping you connected with the world? Then Facebook Messenger app is a must for your smartphones and other tablet devices. Facebook has been earning its fame globally, and statistics claim that more than one-third of the world’s population is hooked to Facebook. Such statistics are enough to trigger the urge to create a separate app for the smartphones, which has resulted in the invention of Messenger app, which went viral among its users.


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The Advent of Facebook Messenger:

Previously, Facebook and its messaging service remained amalgamated until Facebook launched the messenger in April 2014 and created a separate standalone app called Messenger. It rolled out in the Play Store thus forcing users to download it.

However, managing Facebook and Messenger separately appeared cumbersome to many users. Facebook promised to provide seamless integration between the two app, thus avoiding the situation of continuous toggling between the two and saved itself from hands of flaks from their avid users.

Some Amazing Features Integrated in Messenger:

Facebook prevented itself from being bombarded by barrages of questionnaires by the critics, incorporating several new features that bewildered their users. Some of the important amendments that the Messenger earned are enumerated as follows:

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  • To wage a competition with the other social messaging apps like Whatsapp, Viber, etc., Facebook introduced voice calling – which manifested itself in the form of a blue phone logo at the right corner. Voice calling facilities can be seamlessly enjoyed over Wi-Fi or 3G network.
  • Incorporation of camera feature in the chat itself helped the users to click pictures without bearing the hassle of toggling between the camera app and the messenger.
  • Another fascinating feature that was introduced in the messenger is the location provider, which worked with the phone’s GPS system that takes your current location and sends it along with your text in order to display where you are.
  • The voicemail service got redundant and gradually replaced by voice notes, which facilitated the users to record their voice and send it instead of bearing the effort to type.
  • Ease of toggling between chat heads that facilitated in multiple chat without missing any threads. If you’re not interested in that chat, just drag and drop at the bottom to dismiss it.
  • Introduction of a wide array of stickers and emoticons that are constantly expanding has resulted in the convenience of faster messaging.
  • Unlike other messaging apps, Facebook has eliminated all such possible complexities thereby rendering a clean, simple yet stylish interface.

Using Facebook Messenger for PC:


Despite the fact that Facebook Messenger is widely available for Android and iOS platform, the experience of Facebook Messenger can be thoroughly experienced using any Android emulators on PC. One such emulator is Bluestack App Player that is widely popular among the users. Here are the steps for using Facebook Messenger for PC, which are as follows:

  • Install Bluestack App Player for required version of Windows.
  • Create an account in Google Play Store using Google Mail ID.
  • Now search for Facebook Messenger in the Play Store.
  • Install the app, and experience the fun of multiple messaging.

One of the best features of Facebook Messenger is that it is available for free in the Play Store, and voice calling requires a little data, which amplifies the calling experience manifold. So, don’t wait to grab this chance of downloading the app!

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