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by poupet boris

FlashChat is quite an off the box chatting app where the connection for chatting between the portals is Wi-Fi and this is quite a useful app in this regard. Using this app people among the same Wi-Fi network can chat among themselves. The app shows people who are sharing the same Wifi network in a range of 1 Km. It can be very useful in a working environment like a corporate office where all your co-workers are connected to the same network and you can chat with them using FlashChat. You can also have a conference chat with all the users on the network all together if you wish to discuss a project or something.


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Wi-Fi Network Sharing

If you are willing to have a private conversation with someone on the Wi-Fi network, you can also have a private chat with one person.You can give your own user name and keep your identity confidential and you can still continue having conversation with the other people who are using FlashChat in the same Wi-Fi network. Once you left the network, all your messages in the conversation get deleted automatically. You have the options for notifications and other things can also be changed on this app.

Using Bluestacks To Run FlashChat on PC:

This app has been widely used by the android and iOS users but if you are willing to use it on your Windows PC, you have to take a different part and not just a download from Google play will help you use FlashChat for PC. You need to download Bluestacks, which is an android simulator for Windows and Mac to run the app on your Windows PC. You have to install that on your PC and then you can search for the FlashChat on the search bar in Bluestacks. You will get it on Play Store and then you can download and install it just like it’s done on an android phone. You can then run the app on Bluestacks and chat with any one you are sharing your Wi-Fi network with.

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It has a powerful java chat server that is not likely to hang easily. You can also do video and audio chat just by using the Wi-Fi network. You can also change you skins for the app as it has the option to put customised skins. It is a very attractive chatting portal and with all these options on the app it will definitely be a very user friendly chatting option. You can connect your laptop to the available Wi-Fi network and then you can chat using the FlashChat for PC by running it on Bluestacks.


Though it is not so popular a chatting app like WhatsApp and Hike, it can be very useful within a particular Wi-FI network as no other app can harness this system for chatting purpose. It has also got social network promotion options using which you can directly contact with people on your social networking profile.

How To Run on PC?

Follow steps below to run this app on pc:

  • Download and install Bluestack using offline installer.
  • Open it and search for ‘Flachchat’.
  • Download the app using Playstore and wait till it install itself.
  • There you go, you can now start using this app.
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