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Free Download GTA San Andreas for Windows

by poupet boris

RockStar Games maintained the Grand Theft Auto legacy with the release of the 7th edition of the game which was named as “Grand Theft Auto San Andreas”. It got the “Best Video Game Award” of 2004 shortly after its sale of around 27 million copies for PS2 console, which was first released on 26th October 2004. Windows and Xbox console edition was later released in 7th June 2005.


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A General Overview Of The Game

The frenzied gangster activities continue through the fictional US state San Andreas, while the game encompasses on the following major cities – Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. The plot thickens with the development and reunification of the central character CJ with his gang to avenge over the corrupt polices to unveil the real facts about his mother’s homicide. With crucial bloodshed and gang war using a fresh set of weaponries glorified the actions of the game. Jet packs for transportation made the game even more interesting.


A set of fresh new features has been added in GTA San Andreas, which attracted attention of the mass. The innovative features are enumerated as follows:

  • Weight Customization – Contrary to the previous versions, the latest edition included the weight fluctuation feature which provided the player the flexibility to change their character’s weight from obese to perfectly toned body by making them go to the food organization like ‘Burger Shot’ or ‘Well Stacked Pizza’ or by taking them gym and exercising over treadmills or stationary cycles. This customizable variation proved to be much useful which choosing the accurate clothes for the character.
  • Vehicle customization – Alongside with character customization, vehicles too, can be customized by taking them to the garage to gear up their looks. The cars could be customized in accordance to the character’s figure, while the cars could get a repaint, and extra features like exhausts, front bumper, rear bumper, roof, wheels, car stereo, hydraulics, nitro booster could be customized to obtain precise details.
  • Formation of gang – Rivalries heats up between two gangs, the ‘Ballas’ and ‘Vagos’ to claim territorial division land. Gang wars can arise to barricade and protect the previously claimed territories. Gang wars include the use of machineries as well as physical combats.
  • New artilleries – Gang wars demands the use of gun power, which is heightened with the availability of flamethrowers, minigun, Molotov cocktails. These weaponries raised the game to a complete new echelon of glory.
  • New legends- RockStar Games added some lurking folklores in the game to seek out the Ghost cars which added a paranormal effect to the game.


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System Requirements

The game isn’t packed with much high definition graphics. Therefore, it doesn’t demand any high level hardware equipments. The following is the list of hardware specifications which is required the run the game smoothly:

  • CPU – Pentium 4 or Athlon XP
  • CPU clock speed – 2GHz
  • RAM – 384MB (minimum)
  • OS – Windows XP, Windows 2000
  • Graphics Card – 128MB with DirectX 9.0c graphics card of NVIDIA GeForce 6 series.
  • Disk Space – 4.7GB free space for full installation

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