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Free Download Microsoft Office 2010 For Windows

by poupet boris

Microsoft Office is often regarded as the best Office suite for both Windows and Mac. Office suite typically contains office productivity tools to help with document creation, formatting, email clients, spreadsheet programs, presentations and collaboration tools along with basic database systems as well. With sleek menus, revamped UI and more tools than ever, the current Office offerings are unmatchable by the rest of such applications. Office for Microsoft is one of the most important enterprise and consumer products and the software displays such high level of polish and features.

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The Office Package:

The Professional Office package contains all the Office tools, which includes Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, Outlook, PowerPoint and OneNote. This has been divided into two segments, i.e The home and business edition comes with some great features including Publisher and Access while the Home and Student, which does not include Outlook, Access and Publisher.

A Polished UI:

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Unlike Office 2007 which had wholesale UI changes and introduced the Ribbon UI, Office 2010 does incremental changes and improved the overall features. The pearl with Office icon that contained the File menu is gone and is replaced by a “File” menu item with backstage menu that has all the options available. Publisher and OneNote have also gained modern tab based UI instead of pull down menus and makes the navigation easier.

Featured Additions:

  • Microsoft Word: Word now supports OpenType fonts and typography along with advanced features. Document collaboration is improved with more formatting options. However complex printing options are not saved and hence needs to be remembered.
  • Microsoft Excel: Excel features SparkLines – a feature to embed inline graphs within a cell for better visualization and more intuitive data filtering controls – the Pivot Table tools with Slicer. Furthermore move to 64-bit architecture has helped in processing ever larger numbers.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: PowerPoint has plenty of formatting additions along with the ability to create custom animation path for objects. Default slide transition animations are also improved with many new sleek effects for the users.
  • Microsoft Outlook: While older versions were always sluggish in nature, new Outlook is smooth with faster response time and social network integration – though setting it up is difficult.
  • Microsoft OneNote: OneNote is an excellent note-taking tool with online collaboration and synchronization facilitating access via smartphones and browsers as well.
  • The other software have also received UI polish and more features were added for improvement.

While the ribbon based UI is not perfect, Microsoft Office is still the most complete and comprehensive Office suite on Windows. In fact, it is arguably better than iWorks available on Mac. Other tools like Corel WordPerfect and Libre Office are pale and not so comprehensive in nature. For pro users, Office 2010 is a worthy upgrade over 2007.

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