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by poupet boris

For those individuals who wish to recognize what is happening in this world everyday and want daily updates of all news and affairs would surely love a news reader app. News360-Personalized news is such an application, which keeps on providing latest news. Though it was intended for iPhone users, one can also avail News360 – Personalized News For PC.

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Various facilities offered by the app

The app has a beautiful interface, which enables the users to scan all the headlines quickly. One can also preview the stories and the content. Over 30,000 sources of best national news providers are related with it. This cross-platform newsreader app has also released its new version- 2.0. It is an important update which brings in its new features of personalization. The news reader can now learn anything from the activity on some social Web services, such as Facebook, Evernote or Google Reader, etc in order to offer all stories, with which one is interested. On Twitter, the app may look at the bio of the user, the list and tweets and also the favorites. Similarly in case of the Google Reader, the app knows what is shared and read. And in Evernote also, this app can give a glance at the web clips that are saved, particularly those which are related to news.

Unlike the other similar apps, News 360 applies semantic analysis in order to convey the most appropriate news of a day, including the reports about one’s favorite issues and also from favorite sources. This semantic underpinning of the app, which functions on iPad, Windows Phone, etc are the major differentiators for the app. Earlier, the company used the smart algorithms in order to show the most significant news in some categories such as World, Politics, Tech, Sports and so on. However, presently, the same system is utilized to personalize the news for getting better reading experience. Almost 700,000 different types of entities are identified to the semantic engine of the News360.

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Personalization is not the only newest feature of this app. In the name of the app- 360-degree denotes the view of news. It actually means that News360 provides with the aggregated exposure of the news stories from various news outlets, enabling the user to shift from one news story to the other for good understanding of the theme being reported. This moreover lets the users to surf the news using photos. Those who are the voracious reader of information this feature of 360degree would be attractive. It should be remembered that the view of this system is not very hard, as it may seem to some users.

Steps To Install The Application In PC:

Here is a brief tutorial about downloading the app in PC-

  • Download android emulator, which is Bluestacks on the PC with this link.
  • Then open the same emulator and browse News 360 personalized news for PC using in-built search section.
  • The click the link of the app to begin downloading it.
  • It will take a few seconds to download. Then install it.
  • Start the app from all apps section within the emulator.
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