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IGI 3 Game Free Download

by poupet boris

IGI 3 is a part of the famous IGI series. This game is a challenging one and a player needs to practice and set their hands on the game before they can be a master. The game plot is very interesting and the storyline is riveting too. The game is an improved version of its prequels and many advanced features have been introduced in this version. The game is highly accepted and if you are a true gamer then you must download IGI 3 game immediately and let yourself face the challenges this game throws.


The story revolves around the timeline that good set out to destroy the evil. It is essentially a shooter game where the player has to maintain a stealthy pace in order to locate the enemies correctly. The player will be offered new weapons and items as well as a backup team when required. The storyline and the graphics involved in the game are worth mentioning.

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Let us now look into the new attributes that have been added to this version of the game:

  • The environment and interface of the game has been improved. Further, the maps have been improved as well, giving the player an opportunity to understand the position of the player and the enemies in the game.
  • The glitches of the previous version of the game were fixed and the bugs were removed. Thus, there was no scope for any complaints from the players.
  • Massive and heavy weapons were already used in the previous versions of IGI but IGI -3 has included in itself the use of even further massive and advanced power weapons. These weapons increase the interest of the player and help him or her to master the use of these weapons. Gamers find it a challenge and the game has been designed in a way that the difficulty level is kept high enough so that the gamers do not find the game too easy to play. The difficulty level of the game basically determines its standard.
  • New innovative missions have been added that accentuates the thrill of the game. These missions are the added reasons why the developer concludes the game to be a hit in the market.
  • Sound effects accompany visuals, which make the game extremely exciting. The background score creates the environment and sets the mood of the game.

IGI_2 (3)


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The game even after much improvements and innovations have received mixed reactions from some quarters. However, this has been the most downloaded game in its sequel. Therefore, it is suggested that you try this game out at the earliest without any further delay. Before you download IGI 3 game, check if the PC you will be playing this game on has the following features:

  • Windows Vista/XP/7/8 should be used as OS
  • 256 GB RAM is required
  • AGP should be either 64 MB or 128 MB
  • 2 GB hard disk space should be kept free for complete installation
  • DirectX of version 9.0c must be available
  • Intel Pentium 4 (2.6 GHz) Processor

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