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LibreOffice For PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

by poupet boris

LibreOffice is a very useful office suit that is generally designed for android and some other OS but is completely free and is an open source software. LibreOffice has a wide range of applications and can serve multiple purposes. This software is a complete office package that will fulfil all your documentation necessities. You can write a document, use spread sheets, prepare slideshows, diagrams and drawings. It can also be used to prepare databases and you can compose mathematical formulas on this software and implement it on your spreadsheet too. Its files are saved as an OpenDocument file format and it is the native format for the software and all its applications save files in this format.


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Use LibreOffice for PC using Bluestacks

If you are planning to run the android version of this app on your Windows PC, you have to use Bluestacks which is a very useful Android virtual platform on which you can run all the apps available in Google play store.You have to download Bluestacks, and then install it. You can then open the virtual platform and search for LibreOffice for PC on the search bar. If you find it, you need to download and install it on your PC. It will be installed on Bluestacks in the same way an app gets installed in an android smart phone.

Having long List Of Applications That Comes With The Suit:

  • The Writer Module: The writer module is simple and is word processor and works just like MS word and Word Perfect.
  • Calc: It is a spread sheet documentation system which is very similar to MS-Excel and Lotus 1-2-3. You can define graphs from a set of data and this is quite useful for office purposes.
  • Impress: It is a presentation and slide show program that can be compared to MS PowerPoint presentation. The presentations are saved as SWF files and can be opened on any computer with Adobe File installed.
  • Draw: This can be compared to Microsoft’s Visio software. It has a vector graphics editor and diagraming tool and also has certain features of the old CorelDraw versions. You can also design Flowcharts in it.
  • Math: This application is the best part of the suit if you want to design your own mathematical formula and implement in your documentation and accounting process. This can be highly useful for business owners who have their own way of assessing costs and maintain accounts.
  • Base: This part of the suit can be compared to MS Access which is used to develop and manage database. You can prepare forms and reports. You can use it as the face of other databases like MySQL, MariaDB etc.


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LibreOffice for PC is one of the fastest growing projects in the open source market and more and more users are relying on it for their various office documentation solutions. The software is also compatible with other office documenting software packages and a list of 15 such office suits is compatible, which includes MS Office.

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