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Pixel Dungeon for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

by poupet boris

Pixel Dungeon is a game developed by the game developer company, Watabou. It is a game designed specifically for the Android platform. The game is supported on all Android devices post V2.3, Gingerbread. This game is a throwback to the old days with its classic 8-bit pixel art graphics and its rogue-like gameplay. The game is however, not directly available on Windows PC. In order to play this game on devices other than your smartphone all you need to do is get Bluestacks, which is a Google Play Store accessing Android emulator for the PC.


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The classic 8-bit graphics, which were blocky and were quite common with SEGA and NES, finds a place of pride in Pixel Dungeon. Since the game is rogue-like the levels keep on changing depending on various parameters, which also proves that the game isn’t a scripted one. Moreover, the weapons and health packs also change in each level. This also means that you will never play the same level again. The main objective of the game is to clear every level by destroying every obstacle, killing every enemy that crops up in each level. Death is also an inevitable part of the game. The player has to fight till the end, die, spawn and then go back to playing again. Another important thing in the gameplay is hunger. It is essential that the character does not remain hungry for too long. This will mean losing hit points in the end.

The game is arranged in such a way that the only movement is horizontal or vertical in 2D. Each level is a maze, which you have to explore, while avoiding and also killing monsters with the various weapons available. There are three types of characters available in the game:-

  • Warrior- with maximized strength, great swordsmanship and HP restoration from food, this character is the safest option.
  • Mage- this character offers a magic wand and powers are complimentary to that. You can cast spells and the wand even regenerates faster.
  • Rogue- This is perhaps the best character to play with. The missiles are targeted more accurately; the character can last longer than the others without food.

There are various features like scrolls, food potions and HP points to be earned at each level. Moreover, the game gets harder as you go deeper and deeper. You have fight against some bosses at some levels too. The best part however is that there is nothing like a “Level Up” in this game, nor are there any in-app purchases, and the game is absolutely free of cost!

pixel dungeon android game 2

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Running On Windows PC

Pixel Dungeon can run very easily on the Windows platform with the help of the Android emulator, Bluestacks. All you need to do is:-

  • Download Bluestacks latest Windows version from here.
  • Use your Gmail id to create a play store account after selecting the language.
  • Search for “Pixel Dungeon” in the search bar.
  • After you reach the app page on play store, click “Install”. This will download and install the game.
  • When you can see the icon of the game on the main menu, launch the game by clicking on it

Now, by following these simple steps, you can enjoy this classic arcade game on your Windows PC, totally free!

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