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Plant Vs Zombies for PC – Free Download

by poupet boris

Most of the individuals, who are computer game enthusiasts, are perhaps familiar with the games created by EA Sports Company, that is well known for making different high end games. Earlier people used PC or some gaming consoles for such games, but now because of classic invention of Smartphones, EA Sports is developing games for the Windows based phones and Android. Plant Vs Zombies is one such game for Android users but it can be played on computer through a definite technique.


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Various Features and Characters of the Game

The game includes various levels and also layouts. It begins in front yard; then continues to night time stages, where its gameplay is quite more difficult without any replenishing sun, if specific plants are not used. At some points all through the game, players are either alarmed with a letter through zombies or directed by Crazy Dave in order to arrange for a trap, where this game assumes a bowling approach, by means of Wall-nuts for bowling down the zombies.

The players have to begin with some limited seed pack categories and the seed pack slots, which they can employ during most of the levels. Number of these slots may be enhanced through possessions, with in-game cash. At the beginning of the level, players are shown different kinds of zombies and are offered a chance to choose the seed packs. A number of plants are even nocturnal, like mushrooms, with a low sunlight cost, and these are perfect for the nocturnal levels. Some plants are extremely effective against particular kinds of zombies, like Magnet-shroom, that can eliminate metallic things from zombie, as helmets, ladders and so on.

The zombies even come in many kinds having various attributes as speed and damage tolerance. If any zombie arrives at the end point of a path for first time, then a lawnmower, which is at the last part of that track will fire forwards and demolish all of those zombies in that particular lane. But, if the zombie gets to the end part of the same lane for next time, then it will arrive at player’s home. When this occurs, the music gets changed and other zombies discontinue moving. Crunching sounds can be heard, followed by scream along with a message, “Zombies ate your brain”


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Plant Vs Zombies will become more exciting as it can be played on any computer, and so here is a useful tutorial to enjoy Plant Vs Zombies for PC.

  • You need the emulator Bluestack, so install it on your laptop or computer. Bluestack is utilized to operate Android Games in the computer and this is available at free of charge. Download it free!
  • After installing this emulator on the computer, run it on your system.
  • Use its search tool, to find out Plants vs. Zombies.
  • As soon as the desired result is obtained, download this and install on the particular system.

All these recommendations will be surely helpful for the PC users.

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