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Project IGI Game Free Download

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Released in 2000, IGI 1, also called Project IGI – I’m Going In, received worldwide acclaim due to its immersive gameplay, well detailed graphics and its ability to keep the player on engaged throughout the game. Developed by Innerloop Studios and published by Eidos Software, Project IGI: I’m Going In, is a tactical first person shooter (fps) video-game available only for Microsoft Windows.


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Characters And Gameplay

The principal characters of the game are: –

  • David Jones: – Main protagonist, a former British S.A.S. operative and agent of Institute of Geotactical Intelligence (I.G.I.).
  • Anya: – Jones handler who assists him via radio during missions.
  • Jach Priboi: – Soviet arms dealer.
  • Josef Priboi: – Jach’s brother.
  • Ekk: – A Russian woman out to incite global nuclear war.
  • Captain Harrison: – Ex Green Beret, commander of allied troops, sometimes assisting the protagonist.


The main elements of IGI 1 game are stealth, surveillance and calculated aggression. As the player has to traverse through huge military maps full of enemy personnel, he has to keep a low profile to avoid detection and breach of alarm systems. A series of objectives has to be completed in order to complete a mission. A variety of modern weapons such as Glock 17, Desert Eagle, MP5, M16A2, Minimi, Spas-12, Jackhammer, Dragunov and LAW are available for usage. Grenades and flashbangs are also available. In addition to these a set of binoculars, a PDA as well as a satellite fed map is at the player’s disposal. Automatic weapons cause recoil while firing and powerful guns can fire through walls as well.

There is a total of 14 missions in the game each spanning huge areas.


The story sets off when David Jones has been assigned to apprehend Josef Priboi, who is known to be a Russian armaments seller and is supposed to have vital information regarding nuclear warhead that has been stolen. For this, the player goes to Soviet Russia and after capturing Josef with Captain Harrison’s assistance; it is found out that the main person responsible behind the stolen warhead is Josef’s uncle, Jach Priboi whose location is unknown. To track him down, Jones infiltrates a communications centre believed to be used by Jach for his operations and eventually obtains his location. While returning with the captured Jach Priboi in a helicopter, Jones and his team are attacked and shot by a fanatical Russian woman named Ekk who wants the nuclear missile for herself in order to start a global nuclear war. Jones manages to survive the onslaught, tracks down his gear and re-captures Jach who was being transported via a military train and he has been taken for interrogation. Following this, it becomes clear that, it is vital to track down and eliminate Ekk and in the last mission, the player manages to do so while his handler Anya succeeds in defusing the nuclear weapon.


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Exciting, isn’t it? If you think that story is something worth hearing for, brace yourself, as the game is no less than thrilling experience. But before you hop to download IGI 1 Game, make sure that your system entertains minimum requirements to run this game on your Windows based PC.

  • Pentium II (300 MHz) processor or above.
  • 64 MB RAM.
  • Direct X 7.0a compliant soundcard.
  • 8MB Graphics Memory.
  • 500MB Hard Disk space.
Project IGI Game Free Download Télécharger Released in 2000, IGI 1, also called Project IGI – I’m Going In, received worldwide acclaim due to its immersive gameplay, well detailed graphics and its ability to keep…
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