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Snow Bros Game Free Download

by poupet boris

The iconic arcade game of the 90s is back and this time you can enjoy it on their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets or even on your Windows based PC’s. Though the earlier version was published by Capcom, Snow Bros mobile compatible version was released by ISAC Entertainment Co. Ltd.

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Ranked 1 action game in Greece, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, the beauty of the game is compatible on all Windows based versions.

This game can support up to 2 players and involves taking on the role of snowmen Nick and Tom, whose main job is to get rid of monsters by throwing snowballs at them. Single or multiple snowballs are used to immobilize each enemy who when appropriately targeted are unable to move after being entirely covered by snowballs, following which they roll over eventually colliding with a wall & being eliminated.

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Snowballs can take out multiple enemies, while bonuses can be earned while killing special enemies. The ultimate objective is to defeat all enemies to rescue the princess.

Time is an important factor while clearing levels as a long period can lead to the emergence of a special “Pumpkin shaped” monster which chases the player until all monsters are killed. Players are rewarded after eliminating enemies in the form of potions, and the colour of the potions allows the players to be acquainted with the extraordinary power-up that they will obtain:

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  • Red: It helps enhancing the speed of walking.
  • Blue: This boosts the quantity of snow that can be thrown. This power helps the players to cover enemies with the help of snow.
  • Yellow: This colour will increases the distance that the players can throw the snow in order to beat the enemies by covering them in snow.
  • Green: The players will be able to pump them up like a balloon and will acquire the aptitude to take wing around screen and smash the enemies for a limited period of time.

Bonuses run out once, the player looses.

Players can keep in mind the following tips for a better experience while playing the game:

In levels, where players have to fight blue monsters that whirl around like cyclones, they are advised to eliminate them as soon as possible as they can quickly transform into the much more dangerous whirling dervishes.

  • If the snowball-hurling enemy can be reached by jumping across regions via snowballs before eventually reaching the top, it can be defeated and a special bonus is earned.
  • Boss Fight Tip: – Freeze the minions sent by the boss & roll the snow balls towards the boss.
  • Special bonuses can be earned by playing the slot machines which appear between rounds.

The latest version includes 50 different stages containing 20 kinds of monsters. Players can compete with their counterparts on leader boards as well as achievements. The plethora of upgrades, items and bonuses leaves the player wanting for more and makes this 90s classic an extremely addictive game.

Introduced in March 2014, this game has already been installed more than 5,000,000 times. Its “timeless” nature combined with mobile compatibility, pleasing visuals and simple game aesthetics have made this instalment a success.

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