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Superbeam for PC – The best way for clutter free transfers!

by poupet boris

Your PC comes with a decent File Explorer which can transfer data to any of the connected devices over USB or any other port or over Internet connection. However, Wifi direct is a much better and clutter free method of transferring data, especially to devices having Wi-Fi and NFC support. Traditional methods to do this would probably make you download loads of drivers and write scripts to create a virtual server and then deal with weird permission rules. Superbeam is a solution to that. It is an android application but can be enjoyed at PC as well. How? Bluestacks is the answer! Read on to know all about it.


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Super Beam is a file transfer application that supports various methods of transferring contents. These include Wi-Fi, NFC and QR code pairing. The best part probably is that if you are running the app in your PC, you can easily sync with your Android smartphone from within the app and all file transfers happen wirelessly. Sharing feature includes support for all kinds of files including other APKs and securing them via transfer keys. Also, for devices that don’t have support for Superbeam or don’t have it installed, the app creates a web interface which can be accessed via browser and files can be transferred and browsed as well. This also allows any number of clients to join the transfer and make it happen. Superbeam for PC thus really helps in transferring files between multiple devices wirelessly.

Installing It On PC

Superbeam is an Android app. That basically means it won’t work like standard software on Windows. To get Superbeam on PC, you need software that can emulate the Android environment in which the app will run. This is done via Bluestacks. Bluestacks also supports Google’s play store services and hence you can easily install the application and can use your PC’s Wi-Fi for the transfer event. The exact steps can be outlined as:

  • Get Bluestack’ latest version and download the setup file.
  • The setup file is a two-part setup and hence it will download additional files. This may take quite long if your Internet connection is slow. So hang tight!
  • Once finished, the installation proceeds and the app starts post installation.
  • The first time, it will ask for certain preferences such as default language to use and your Google account details.
  • Give your Gmail ID and password and it will sync with your Google account.
  • Once done, go to the software’s main page and in the search bar in top, type “Superbeam”.
  • Bluestacks will take you to the play store where you can see the app listed and click on “Install” to install it.
  • Accept the permissions and your installation begins.
  • After it is finished, come back to home screen and search for the app’s icon/name in the icon menu.
  • Click on it to start the app.


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For transfer to actually work you will need your Wi-Fi turned on. Also, Bluestacks cannot directly access all your files. To transfer files to Bluestacks, just open it in explorer and drag-n-drop the file into Bluestacks window. The files transferred will be in C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\UserData\SharedFolder. With these simple steps, you can enjoy Superbeam for PC!

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